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At Savii Digital, we want you to succeed, and not just by downloading our great tools and hiring us to give you excellent service. We are constantly putting together seminars, webinars, meet-ups, events and workshops that will give you the tools and skills you need to succeed, in person, first hand.



With our in-depth knowledge and experience in the worlds of online marketing, advertising, communications, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we plan training sessions on all aspects of these subjects – from growing member databases and managing paid and organic digital media campaigns, to running social media marketing campaigns, while imparting our extensive knowledge about marketing and PR for businesses in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies sectors.


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Savii Digital at the Vodafone Foundation Luxemburg Innovation Day



Crypto Trading for Absolute Beginners 

We also do in house courses for educational establishments and companies.

We know that golden rule with investing is not to invest in anything you don’t understand. Like investing in traditional assets, buying your first cryptocurrencies, or trading, can be terrifying. Even seasoned traditional investors and traders can feel flabbergasted when trying to purchase their first Bitcoin or Ethereum.


This course is an introductory course to cryptocurrencies and how to start trading with them. By the end of the program, you will acquire a competitive edge over other traders, learn how to reduce your risks and how to maximize your profits.

The full course taught by renown crypto and FOREX trading trainer, Siim Ounap, as featured in Forbes magazine.

The course is structured in three parts, but we can build a course to your requirements:


Cryptocurrency basics:


  • What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

  • What is the difference between a coin and a token?

  • What types of cryptocurrency are available and what to trade them with?

  • Why were cryptocurrencies created? What purpose do they serve?

  • Where to find reliable information about cryptocurrencies.

  • Where to store your cryptocurrencies safely and how to protect yourself?


How to effectively start trading with cryptocurrencies:


  • Introduction to trading

  • History of trading

  • Terminology

  • Types of trading

  • How to read the charts correctly?

  • Unlimited wealth versus bankruptcy

  • Minimizing risk and deciding how much money to risk on one trade?

  • Defining an exact entry point, targets, and stop-loss point

  • What are a trader’s tools and how to use them?

  • What is support and resistance and how to find them?


Hands-on trading:


  • Trading Showcase

  • Creating accounts for everyone

  • Getting your first crypto

  • Making your first trade

  • Trading Competition with prizes


If you would like to organize an event please email 

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